Giant Fraud Economy Crashes Before End of 2016 – Gerald Celente with Greg Hunter

Gerald Celente Predicts Trump Wins White House

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente has been predicting a financial panic in 2016. How close are we? Celente says, “I believe we are very near an inflection point coming up very soon. . . . I would have thought this would have happened back in 2012; however, there has never been such a thing as quantitative easing. There has never been such a thing as zero interest rate policy and negative interest rate policy. We make forecasts based on information that used to be, but now we have things that never were. . . . I was never taught that central banks could take over the economy as it is now. This is not capitalism. Capitalism is dead–it’s now bankism. The only thing that is keeping this up is a giant fraud. October is usually the killer month. . . . I believe the crash will happen before the end of the year, and it almost happened with Brexit.

Celente also predicts, “All this cheap money is building bigger bubbles. When this bubble bursts, it will be the worst one in modern history. It will be far worse than the crash of 1929 because this is truly global, and it’s truly inflated with fake money. It’s backed by nothing. It’s printed on nothing. It’s digital zeros.”

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