Da Costa – The Fed Has Bungled Its Messaging

from Boom Bust

The top story: Sigmar Gabriel, the second-ranking politician in Europe’s largest economy is basically rejecting the American – EU transatlantic free trade deal known as TTIP. Edward Harrison has details. Then, RT Correspondent Nicholas Sanchez O’Donovan outlines what’s happening at the impeachment trial of Dilma Rousseff, as she attempts to defend her record. Afterwards, Boom Bust’s Bianca Facchinei reports on the FBI’s warning that foreign hackers have allegedly penetrated US state election systems.

After the break, Edward sits down with the Peterson Institute’s Pedro da Costa to talk about the Fed and US monetary policy options. And in the Big Deal, Edward is joined by Ed Schultz to discuss the potential failure of America’s signature transatlantic free trade pact TTIP.

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