Bill Gross Says Negative Interest Rates Are Nothing But Liabilities

It’s not easy being wrong, except when wrong is right, bond veteran argues in commentary

by Rachel Koning Beals
Market Watch

Call bond-market veteran Bill Gross a “broken watch.” He doesn’t care.

His gripe about negative interest rates and a flood of debt, which he considers a risk, not a fix, for a global economy that’s still limping out of the financial crisis, is challenged daily by resilient demand for the bonds he’s bearish on. But even if being “right” eventually is a hard sell right now, he’s not backing down, Gross said in his latest monthly commentary.

“The problem with Cassandras, such as Gross and Jim Grant and Stanley Druckenmiller, among a host of others, is that we/they can be compared to a broken watch that is right twice a day but wrong for the other 1,438 minutes,” Gross wrote. “But believe me: This watch is ticking because of high global debt and out-of-date monetary/fiscal policies that hurt rather than heal real economies.”

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