Bank of England Restart the Clock on the Fed’s Inevitable QE Relaunch

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

There’s much to discuss, as I write Thursday morning; starting with the “powers that be’s”’ utter desperation – particularly, the gold Cartel – to stave off “Economic Mother Nature” and the “unstoppable tsunami of reality” as the end game plays out right of its eyes. For example, just two days after the Monte Paschi “bailout” – that in actuality, won’t occur until year-end, if it can raise €5 billion of equity, and sell €9 billion of bad loans – European stocks are dramatically lower; including Unicredit, Italy’s largest bank, which has plunged nearly 20%; and Deutsche Bank, the “world’s most systematically dangerous institution” – which touched its all-time low stock price yesterday morning, before the PPT pushed it oh so slightly higher (and as I write, it’s plunging towards said “death level” of $12.50/share anew). In my view, we are at most a few weeks before the real panic sets in.

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