Still Report #996 – Tom Fitton on PlaneGate

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show, “Justice”, on Fox last night was totally a legal focus by top lawyers on the PlaneGate scandal which could well be the turning point in the Clinton’s 24-year reign over Washington’s growing inner circle of corruption.
We will continue our report on this show because the topic is critically important to the future of the great American experiment in self governance.
The basic question is; can the rule of law survive in an atmosphere where legitimate self-governance is directly challenged by what is essentially an international crime syndicate.
Are sufficient safeguards in place so that the will of the people can regain control over a government currently running out of their control – a government in the hands of a well-financed international oligarchy hell-bent on erasing national sovereignty. In other words, a government where the people – in effect – have little to no say so in their governance.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.