Still Report #1051 – Megyn Kelly Says Fox News Chief Harassed Her Also

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good evening, I’m still reporting on Fox News.
The New York Times today confirmed what we have reported previously about the coming demise of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes due to charges of sexual impropriety.
Former Fox Host Gretchen Carlson filed suit on July 6, but yesterday her allegations were supported by current Fox News host, Megyn Kelly. Kelly told investigators for 21st Century Fox, Fox News’s parent company, during an internal review of Carlson’s allegations that Mr. Ailes made unwanted advances toward her multiple times in the past.
Other employees also told the investigators about alleged harassment from Mr. Ailes, according to unnamed sources.
The Drudge Report posted a separation document which showed that Ailes would be granted a $40 million dollar parting gift, plus a consultancy contract. Drudge later took the document down.
Drudge also reported that some of the network’s stars may leave Fox with Ailes to start a new network.
Rupert Murdoch’s sons, James, 43 & Lachlan, 44, were handed the reins of the Fox News parent company, “21st Century Fox” last July. Conservatives, who see Fox as their only sympathetic ear in the television end of the MSM, have feared the influence of James & Lachlan because they are reportedly significantly more liberal than their father.
However, in the last year, the Murdoch boys have had a hand-off policy for Fox News for two reasons: 1. Fox makes about a billion dollars a year in profits – about 20% of 21 Century Fox’s annual earnings; and #2 Fox News is very popular with cable affiliates and provides valuable leverage over ongoing cable access deals.
Therefore, the Carlson suit comes at a bad time for Fox News – right in the middle of the Republican convention. The last thing the Murdochs need is an earthquake shaking Fox during this highly-profitable election season.
So despite Carlson’s sex suit, Roger Ailes still has considerable leverage over the Murdochs.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.