Still Report #1017 – Paul Ryan’s Primary Poll Numbers Plummet

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good afternoon. I’m still reporting on the invasion.
Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan’s latest poll numbers against his primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, have plummeted 30 points since the primary race began.
The poll, done by PMI, sampled 424 likely Republican primary voters. It showed that one month before the Aug. 9 primary, Ryan has dropped by over 30 points and now leads Nehlen by only an 11 point margin, 43 to 32 percent.
Two months ago, a poll done for the Washington Free Beacon showed Ryan with a lopsided lead over Nehlen by an 80% to 7% margin.
Such dramatic shifts are sometimes seen when a newcomer to politics takes on a political veteran, especially when that veteran is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
If today’s poll holds, that’s means that voters in Ryan’s home district – District 1 in Wisconsin – are starting to become aware of radical trade and immigration policies that Ryan has supported in the past.
Yesterday, Nehlen was quoted in a Breitbart article on the tightening race:
“Paul Ryan is the most open borders, pro-Wall Street, anti-worker member of Congress in either party.”
“Can you name one time when Paul Ryan fought as hard for you and your family as he’s fought for corporate America?”
Ryan has a 20-year history of pushing for open borders, dating back to his time as a Congressional staffer in the mid-90s.
According to Breitbart:
“Ryan worked to derail the bipartisan immigration curbs inspired by Civil Rights leader and late-Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.”
“Despite the fact that seven in ten GOP Wisconsin voters support Donald Trump’s proposal to enact a temporary pause on Muslim migration, Ryan has ruled out curbing Muslim migration into the United States—insisting ‘that’s not who we are.’ ”
Last year, Ryan partnered with President Obama to pass “Fast Track” which would make it much easier to pass the wildly controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) bill.
So strong was Ryan’s influence that he arm twisted many incoming Freshman House members, such as former church music director Mark Walker (R-NC) into goglu along lest he be cut out of choice committee assignments. However, that vote has now forever tainted Walker’s reputation with disappointed constituents back home.
Long-time Ryan supporters are now beginning to realize that Ryan may still call himself a Republican, but has now fallen in with a new political dichotomy – the globalists as opposed to the nationalists who have aligned with Donald Trump.
Sonya Naryshkin from Whitewater, Wisc, has been a Ryan supporter for years.
“But then he started supporting things that are not in line with our Constitution.
He turned to the dark side. He’s totally subscribed to the New World Order.”
Dr. Nick Gianitsos (Gee-an-IT-sos), an MD from Darian Wisc., told Breitbart that he too had been Ryan supporter for nearly 20 years.
“Ryan would say something in this district … but then he’d go [back to Washington] … and suddenly we’d get TPP, and globalism, and crony capitalism.”
“We now see him talking down to us instead of being our neighbor. The doors of communication to Ryan have totally closed.”
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.