Steve Forbes Backs Republican Nominee, Even if it’s Trump (Pt 1)

from Kitco NEWS

lass=”” >Even if media mogul Steve Forbes doesn’t agree with everything GOP frontrunner Donald Trump stands for, he will endorse the candidate if he were to be nominated this week at the Republican National Convention. That is what he told Kitco News on the sidelines of this year’s Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. “In terms of Donald Trump, I didn’t endorse anyone during the political process but I did say I would endorse the Republican nominee; he’s going to be the Republican nominee, so I back the Republican nominee,” he told Daniela Cambone. Forbes added that Trump’s recent VP pick Mike Pence is positive for the billionaire’s campaign. “It demonstrates to doubters and undecided voters that maybe we can take a chance on Trump, he’s capable of making good choices.” One topic Forbes sees eye to eye with Trump is on the Federal Reserve. “There’s a recognition that what the Federal Reserve has done, which I think Trump recognizes, has been harmful to the economy,” he said. “I think he recognizes that the Federal Reserve is a huge problem, we got to have a stable dollar so it could go in the next few years in the right direction.”

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