Silver is Now Primed to Jump to $30 and Beyond

by Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor Media

The Brexit, oil meltdown, global central banking policy, and a whole lot of uncertainty surrounding November’s presidential election could easily push the price of silver not just about $20 an ounce in the near term — how about $30?

If one were to design a perfect storm of factors to push precious metal prices higher, it would like something like this:

  • First, cause a crisis in the EU when a major power unexpectedly votes to leave the consortium.
  • Next, tank oil prices with increased production despite waning demand.
  • Then, have all of the world’s central bankers agree that zero percent interest rates and flooding the economy with printed money will prevent a recession, and
  • Finally, pit a despicable, megalomaniacal businessman/celebrity against a detestable, lying former first lady in the presidential election.

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