Race Wars

The first casualty of any war is truth. It is killed well before the first shots ring out. In the race problems facing America today, the biggest reason behind it is because the truth has been hidden away.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

We are a world awash in lies. It is so prevalent that 90% of our citizens have absolutely no idea of what’s real and what is not. How can I possibly say such a thing? Because I have spent the last 25 years of my life digging below the main stream news, and discovering the truth about things. Rarely if ever do they match up.

[…] Hillary is the Democrats big hope for the White House. She, just like her psychopathic husband Bill have looked into the cameras and into your eyes and said “I did not have, receive or send classified Email from my private server.” But Jim Comey, head of the FBI said just the opposite. He said she had 113 Classified Emails on her server, several of them of the utmost security level of top secret, and she was probably hacked. She lied. She’s a serial liar.

For years on end, many well respected investors have sent physical proof to the regulators of the COMEX exchange detailing manipulation of the metals markets. The regulators spent a few years looking into it and at the end said they could find no evidence of manipulation. Yet in an amazing twist, several major institutions have been fined over 30 BILLION dollars for criminal wrong doing as pertaining to LIBOR rates, Currency exchange, MBS’s, money laundering, and a host of other illegal activities.

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