Payback: This Is WHY Vladimir Putin Wants To Take Hillary Down: “His Chance For Getting Even”

by Mac Slavo

Following the release of 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails by Wikileaks, there’s been much ado about the source of the hack. Behind the release is a mysterious figure known only as Guccifer 2.0. It’s been said he is Romanian, but U.S. intelligence officials claim that the technology used to compromise DNC systems included Russian language hacking tools.

The DNC, Clinton campaign and even President Obama are implying that Vladimir Putin is behind the hack and subsequent release of documents. The Kremlin has dismissed the allegations as absurd.

Russia has maintained that their long-standing policy is not to meddle in the elections of other countries. Of course, there are exceptions, and as the following report from Time Magazine suggests, Vladimir Putin has every reason to take down Hillary.

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