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lass=”” >What’s the #1 recommended asset to acquire for survival (even ahead of gold & silver?) This asset can keep you and your family fed for generations, keep growing in long-term value, and serve as a major tax shelter.. It’s owned by many of the mega-rich, but you can get started at bargain-basement prices right now? Ann Bernhardt, founder of former Barnhardt Capital Management and and expert in teaching people how to succeed owning this asset, returns to Reluctant Preppers to lay out how to enjoy the benefits, avoid the pitfalls, and get started in step-by-step actions to owning this asset at bargain-basement methods. Share this message with your self-reliance-minded family and friends!


American grain production paradigm greatly flawed through subsidies & guaranteed government price supports. Cattlemen have lost the skill set of marketing & trading cattle.



Gold & Silver vs. Cattle:

Gold & Silver: Good for holding wealth together, especially in a catastrophe, portable, minimize losses, not perishable over any period of time.

Cattle: Food security for survival: You actually are owning & growing FOOD, and gaining value because they are GAINING WEIGHT. Hedge against inflation and currency debasement. Cashflow from trading lightweight feeder cattle vs. running a cow herd. Tax shelter advantages vs. other forms of income.


Agricultural products are perishable: need to harvest crops whether plants or animals at the time they come mature.

Daily commitment to caring for your herd – you don’t need to go it alone!



Beyond Currency Current inflation & failure will induce panic and mis-pricing by ordinary people Understand how to barter & compare value between asset classes You must know how to trade smart & level-headed when others are panicked and don’t assess real value. Take care of yourself so you are able to help others Reality is you need to remain functional and be able to help people by holding your assets together Being smart & savvy: fortune favors the prepared mind.

Learning Lear about successful ranching for your desired location US States/Counties: Land Grant Universities, County Extension programs, Extension agent, extension office Ask for information on cattle production in that county, forage, carrying capacity of the land Understand: Steers, Heifers, Cows, Calves, Bulls, Feeder cattle, Artificial Insemination, gestation cycle, grass finish, locker plant, mobile slaughtering stations, meat storage w/power, backup fuel, market to sell/barter into Network with other cattle ranchers, close-knit & generally trustworthy Ann Barnhardt’s cattle marketing DVD Series link: 16 hrs full seminar, 65pg workbook, essential facts & math you need to know to succeed. — see link on: http://www.Barnhardt.Biz Contact Ann via email: Ann@Barnhardt.biz

Acquiring You must acquire acreage & forage land before animals. Fastest entry path: Leasing/renting grazing ground Limit number of head to enable them to graze and gain on the land you have without overloading the land.

Managing Part-Time: Cow herd can be manage in your spare time, every evening or so. Full-Time: Trading of feeder cattle: run through chutes, treating, tagging, trading (by yourself or order buyers) Connect with neighbors, family, friends, or have hired hands to assist with managing the herd, especially when you need to be gone.

Guarding Cattle Rustling is on the rise! Rustlers have to know what they’re doing, have a trailer, drive the cattle, load them onto semi National associations are working on improved security Technologies for monitoring & tracking, like car tracking chips, If you can’t start in from of your asset with an AR, you don’t own it Dogs raise the alarm when strangers come around Good working cattle dogs

Loopholes / Special Situations North American cattle industry: Fallout from generations of government intervention has driven away the young people – old-timers selling out, may never have learned how to profitably run the business so their family is not interested, entire operation goes up for sale (example: 80 Acres, house, facilities) Figure out where you want to live first! Look for estate & auction listings: you’ll find ready-to-go operations coming up for sale. House most likely not a new show home, but “good enough”?

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