Jubilee Disasters Are Sinking Europe Fast as Italy Unravels and Deutsche Bank Collapses

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

There is much going on in Europe and most of it very bad. When we add what’s going on in Europe to what’s happening in Britain, the US and China, we end up with a comprehensive portrait of a world plunging off a precipice.

Of course if you’ve been visiting us regularly, you’re quite aware of the disasters of 2016. They are a continuation of 2015. We’ve been warning about it tirelessly for over a year now.

I first realized what was on the way when I began researching Shemitah. There was a pattern of crashes and panics associated with Shemitah years going back for decades. And the same thing has occurred with Jubilee. We’re more than halfway through Jubilee 2016 now and anyone with eyes to see can tell that this is an unusually chaotic and volatile year – just as we predicted.

In this article, we’ll focus on Europe’s challenges – and disasters. A lot of the unraveling is being triggered by problems in Italy and Germany.

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