Jeff Berwick on The Higher Side Chats: Part 1

from TheDollarVigilante

lass=”” >Jeff is interviewed by Greg Carlwood for Higher Side Chats. This is a 2 part interview with the second half, available to TDV subscribers only. ( Subscribe at:… )
Topics discussed: the coming economic crisis, the origins of taxation, the dumbing down of the people, the permanent traveler lifestyle, self ownership, democracy at the point of a gun, unaffordable housing, the benefits of doing business as a contractor, setting up an offshore business, some fresh news on the Galts Gulch Chile project, the Shemitah and Jubilee cycles, the Jesuits, Brexit, vote rigging, the SDR, the Chinese yuan to ‘currency basket’, George Soros, gold and silver markets, the Summer of Chaos and Black Lives Matter, some great market calls by the TDV team resulting in big profits for subscribers!

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