Global Economy Critical Condition Code Blue – Rob Kirby with Greg Hunter

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says don’t trust the stock market’s rise to new all-time highs. The global economy is in terminal trouble, and Kirby explains, “My view of the financial system as it sits today is we are in an intensive care unit, and we have a lot of tubes and wires connected to us right now. The question you are asking me is how long is a person in critical condition in an intensive care unit going to live? I don’t really know the answer to it other than we could get a code blue any day. We could get a code blue tomorrow . . . code blue is when somebody has passed.”

Kirby also says, “This is the real world that we live in, and most of our neighbors and friends are having a tough time making ends meet. There is a huge, huge contradiction from what we hear from officialdom and what we are all experiencing on the street. As to the record highs in the financial markets, everybody should know about the ‘Plunge Protection Team’ or ‘The Presidents Working Group on Financial Markets’ and know that the hand of government is tweaking or propping up markets around the world. The onslaught of freshly produced new money can do wonders for paper assets.

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