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lass=”” >What if torturing foreigners abroad also meant the torture of American criminal suspects? Learn More:

Today, debates about the use of torture usually focus on the treatment of foreign terror suspects outside of the United States. Less talked about are the many well-documented instances of torture inflicted on US citizens in their own cities by their own government. Prof Abby Hall Blanco from the University of Tampa explains. Learn more:


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Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Programs (Government document): An unclassified Senate report on CIA torture.…
Here’s the Latest Evidence Torture Doesn’t Keep Us Safe (article): Psychological stressors of torture prove to be ineffective means of gaining information from suspected terrorists.…
The Horrific Stories of CIA-sponsored Torture That Aren’t in the Senate Report (article): The Senate report glosses over the practice of rendition, which this article discusses.…

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