Fat People for Trump!

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

Alphas and Epsilons

BALTIMORE – One of the delights of being an American is that it is so easy to feel superior to your fellow countrymen. All you have to do is stand up straight and smile. Or if you really need an ego boost, just go to a local supermarket. Better yet, go to a supermarket with a Trump poster in the parking lot.

[…] Trigger warning: In the following ramble, we make fun of democracy, Trump, obesity, cripples, baldness, and old people. There should be something here to offend just about everyone. But this is not to say you will find no redeeming social value here. We also explain why the masses are in revolt.

A recent visit to a supermarket left us feeling not just like a superior specimen of our sorry race, but wondering if the race itself might be doomed. Everyone we saw was decrepit… misshapen… or riding in an electric wheelchair.

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