Bitcoin Roundtable: The Block Reward Halving, What this Means for Bitcoin Future & Price

from CrushTheStreet

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02:00 What is the block reward halving? Supply & Price
04:30 Bitcoin vs Consumable Commodities
07:45 New All-Time High Bitcoin Price by End of 2016
10:00 Is Bitcoin Free from Government Controls & Surveillance?
12:40 Bitcoin Updates: Segregated Witness & the Lightning Network
13:50 Bitcoin’s Anonymity; Can the Government Shut it Down?
17:45 Bitcoin’s price if Mainstream & threat to financial system
23:00 Central Bank’s Gold Price Suppression Scheme
26:10 Bitcoin will Overhaul World Monetary system
29:00 Current World Financial system is a Ponzi Scheme
32:10 What the Block Reward Halving really means for Bitcoin
33:20 Price Rise to Happen AFTER the halving due to Less Supply
35:30 Bitcoin’s to represent 1/12.5th of reward for securing bitcoin network
39:00 Demand mechanics of bitcoin stated by Trace Mayer
40:10 Speculative vs Transactional Demand & Price Elasticity
44:00 Transaction Fees & Transaction Quantity in a Block

GUEST 1: Trace Mayer
GUEST 2: Max Wright
GUEST 3: Dave Scotese