Are Democrats Less Authoritarian Than Trump? We Asked DNC Delegates

from ReasonTV

Reason TV asked DNC delegates about issues ranging from freedom of speech to trade to executive power, guns, and foreign policy.


A recent University of Massachusetts, Amherst study found one trait linking all Donald Trump supporters—their authoritarian inclinations.

Trump presented his dystopian outlook in his closing speech last Thursday at the Republican National Convention (read Reason’s coverage of it here) where he stated that he alone was the solution to the nation’s problems.

But do Democrats and their selected candidate Hillary Clinton offer a viable anti-authoritarian alternative?

Reason TV talked to delegates on day two of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA and asked them how Clinton contrasted with Trump on major issues such as free speech, free trade, the sharing economy, gun rights, Citizens United, and foreign policy.

Approximately 5 minutes.

Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Weissmueller, Alexis Garcia, and Joshua Swain. Graphics by Swain. Music by Podington Bear and Antiqcool.

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