Yes, You Have Seen the Peak

by Karl Denninger

It’s over folks…

I know, you’re going to tell me it’s not; that the ‘social media’ companies will continue to grow, continue to “gain relevance”, continue to siphon off advertising dollars from other media sources, etc.

I will remind you of a few facts:

  • These firms, and these apps, are all fads. Every. Single. One. Sure, some run for longer than others, but at their core none of them ever produce anything. They’re all huge time-wasters, and this is a self-limiting phenomena.
  • These firms and their apps are all trying to exploit you as a product. That is, they intend to and do attempt to get you to enslave yourself. Facebook is arguably the worst at this regard but they are not alone.

Finally, these ads simply don’t work. The entire ad channel in the online space is rife through with fraud, bogosity and intentional filtering to try to force businesses to buy advertising rather than generate organic interest.

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