What Goes Up, Must Come Down . . . But, Sometimes, Only A Little

by Avi Gilburt
Gold Seek

As I have been warning for weeks now, expecting a standard pullback in the metals and miners may leave you in the “DUST,” (yes, pun intended). You see, those with experience in the metals market know that the market will not usually provide much in the way of a standard pullback when they have really returned to their bullish state. So, I have been warning those that are waiting for the standard .500-.618 retracements that the train may leave the station without them.

It is for this reason we have been tracking the smaller degree patterns as closely as we have in our Trading Room. In fact, when the GLD and silver struck their minimal patterns for a completed downside structure this past week, I sent out my Wednesday evening metals update with the title “Downside Patterns Have Completed.”

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