Weekly Conversations – JSMineset Premium

by Jim Sinclair

Bill and I talk one on one for approximately one hour weekly to review all markets of interest on JSMineset Premium.

This week we were honored to have Yra Harris with us. Yra as you might know was my floor partner in Chicago during those great years of the first bull market in gold. Yra is, in my opinion, the only person in this business today that I believe is the equal of Bert Seligman, Jesse Livermore, or the modern master of the universe, Paul Volcker.

Not only is he the top intellect of the most complex economic theory, but he is a master trader who never fights with the market. He has both disciplines mastered. So much so that I believe he is the most capable person to conservatively run a central bank for the benefit of society rather than in league with the Brothers for their profit and society’s financial demise. His greatness comes also in the form of his never thinking about it.

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