UK’s Largest Newspaper Says Run for Your Life: Vote Brexit. Americans Should Listen.

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

The UK’s largest newspaper, The Sun, with a daily print run of 1.7 million, has delivered a harsh indictment on its front cover today on continuing to allow European central planners and global bankers to run the UK by edict. UK citizens will vote on June 23 on whether to leave the European Union, a vote called Brexit, short for British Exit. The UK’s Guardian newspaper is reporting that two ICM polls, one conducted online and one by telephone, showed 53 percent support for leaving versus 47 percent for remaining in the EU.

The message should serve as a sharp warning to Americans, who have allowed their central bank, the Federal Reserve, to march to the beat of the Wall Street bankers’ edicts while achieving catastrophic results for the country and its citizens. Since the Wall Street crash of 2008, enabled by the formation of trillions of dollars in dicey derivatives and a mountain of subprime debt while the Federal Reserve kept its blinders securely in place, the U.S. national debt has doubled to $19 trillion while the Fed’s balance sheet has ballooned from $800 billion to $4.5 trillion through endless rounds of sopping up the toxic waste (called “Quantitative Easing” or QE to pretty it up).

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