Titanic Math 101

by Vic Patane
SRSRocco Report

It is a great pleasure to offer my prospective to Steve and his readers. I’m not suggesting to compete with SRSrocco regarding his unparalleled level of diligence and fact finding yet perhaps I can add an additional perspective on certain topics.

The long Memorial Day weekend provided some real excitement in the Bitcoin world. The Crypto’s total market value increased by roughly $1.5 billion in less then a week. Silver; however, managed to misbehave, again (why not it’s the rule on three-day weekends). Folks were clearly selling AG and buying Bitcoin.

Just for fun, lets assume total above ground silver is in the range of 4 billion ounces. Furthermore, say 3 billion ounces represent actual physical bars and coins while the balance of 1 billion ounces is represented by market traded products, like SLV. At $16 silver total above ground silver value would be $64 billion. Is that a lot? Nope. You could do any ONE of the following:

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