The Truth About D-Day And The Markets

from King World News

With the Dow nearing 18,000 while gold and silver consolidate recent gains, here is the truth about D-Day and what is happening in the markets.

[…] Art Cashin: This day in history is riddled with decisive battles that turned the tide of conflict. Just to stay in this century – The Battle of Belleau Wood in 1918; Admiral Yamamoto’s order to his 132 ship armada to withdraw from the Battle of Midway in 1942, and of course, in 1944, the arrival of John Wayne at the Invasion of Normandy. The latter monumental effort deserves review. On this day, one of the great sea-driven invasions in all of human history took place. The scale was awesome. The number of people and equipment deployed within the first 24 hours makes the pyramids of Egypt look like sand pails on a beach. It was one of the greatest pieces of logistical warfare ever known since time began.

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