The Priv, Marshmallow and Security

by Karl Denninger

The following is targeted specifically at the BlackBerry Priv owner, although some of what I am going to describe will work on all Marshmallow-running phones. There are real advantages that the Priv has over the competition, however, when it comes to security and privacy — two things that none of the phone companies want you to have any of, and all are interested in exploiting you.

Indeed, one of the latest games T-Mobile is playing is their “Tuesday” schtick where they are actually offering a “free” pick-up pizza to their customers — quite arguably “diabetes in a box.” Of course I’m sure this requires you to disclose your exact location to pick it up if not more-often, and they’d never do anything with that, right? One has to wonder whether that’s genius, outrageous market confluence or both — when you’re decrepit and your feet are amputated you’ll be spending more time on your phone, right? The flaw in the argument is that diabetes also (eventually) makes you go blind — oops.

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