The Next Crash: Prelude

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

Surreal. This is one of the adjectives which comes to mind in viewing economic circumstances, in general, and the U.S. economy in particular.

In the fall of 2014; a previous commentary broadcast a warning titled The Next Crash in 2016. It was not so much a “prediction” as mere observation and extrapolation. We had just finished witnessing (and enduring) two, previous, eight year bubble-and-crash cycles, orchestrated by the Big Bank crime syndicate known as “the One Bank”.

The reason for the length and timing of these cycles, as noted by another commentator, was to coincide with the U.S. election cycle. As one half of the Two-Party Dictatorship nears the end of its eight-year reign of power, it becomes the scapegoat for the crash, allowing the other puppet-party to portray themselves as the White Knights who then rescue the U.S. economy. The fact that these “White Knights” were the scapegoats for the previous crash is long forgotten by the zombie-electorate.

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