The Most Insane, Destructive Central Bank Scheme to Date – Started Yesterday

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Do you know what we haven’t seen for the entirety of the now 16-year bull market in Precious Metals? Other than April 2011, when silver rose roughly a dollar a day in the final stages of its run to $50/oz, that is? Yep, two strong up days in a row – despite the aforementioned bull market, and the strongest imaginable fundamentals. Unlike the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average,” of course. Which despite being, quantitatively speaking, more overvalued than at any time in history, amidst the worst imaginable fundamentals, can rise, via the low volatility “dead ringer” algorithm, for days on end. To wit, below is the PPT-supported Dow on four consecutive trading days last week; Wednesday, June 1st, through Monday, June 6th. Remember, the Fed’s daily “open market operations” occur at 10:00 AM EST – which is exactly why the Dow bottoms at that time essentially every day, “coincident” with Precious Metals’ “key attack time #1.”

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