The Fed Cries Uncle and Sends Gold Rocketing…

by Chris Gaffney
Daily Pfennig

Good morning and happy Thursday. As Chuck mentioned in closing yesterday, his infusion was scheduled a bit earlier than normal today so today’s Pfennig will be brought to you by the team of Frank, Mike and Chris. So take it away Frank:

Greetings from muggy Jacksonville begins an email from an EverBank colleague. Here in Saint Louis a friend coming to dinner last night emailed to beg for an indoor seating due to 90+ temperatures and a good start on humidity. I thought about walking the five miles in to work Wednesday morning and realized that no one would come near me all day if I did. Summer is setting in as the June Solstice approaches.

Escaping the hot weather for perfect weather last week I was in Vail Colorado for the GoPro Mountain Games.

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