Still Report #962 – British Man Tries to Kill Trump

from Bill Still

lass=”” >A 20-year-old British man was arrested at the Trump rally in Las Vegas on Saturday for trying to kill Donald Trump.
Michael Steven Sanford told police that he came from California and went to a gun range in Las Vegas on Friday to learn how to shoot.
On Saturday around noon, at the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, Sanford pushed his way to the front and then grabbed the handle of a police officer’s gun in an attempt to remove it from its holster to kill Trump.
Sanford was immediately arrested and taken from the hall and charged with “an act of violence on restricted grounds” according to Associated Press.
He appeared before a federal magistrate in leg irons and was deemed a flight risk and so was not released on bail.
Sanford told police that he had been planning the assassination for about a year.
He has been in the U.S. for the last 18 months, living in Hoboken, New Jersey.
He drove to San Bernardino, California before coming to Las Vegas on June 16.
He had also reserved a ticket to a Trump rally in Phoenix at 4 pm as a backup plan.
Sanford told police that he was convinced that he would die in the attempt.
An employee at the Battlefield Vegas shooting range confirmed that Sanford had taken private shooting lessons and fired 20 rounds from a 9mm Glock pistol to learn how to use it.
Glocks are quite popular among police.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.