Still Report #937 – Trump Shatters Records

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Donald Trump has shattered political records across the board in his self-funded presidential primary run.
— Trump won all five states contested yesterday by huge margins. So far he has racked up 1536 delegates – nearly 300 more than needed for nomination – and far more than anyone predicted only 5 weeks ago.
— Trump has received 13.4 million votes, more votes than any Republican in history – and that was with 17 candidates in the race.
George W. Bush in the 2000 primary season comes in second with only 12.1 million. In 2012, Mittens Romney received only 10.0 million votes.
— Thanks to Trump, Republicans turned out 30.34 million votes in primaries and caucuses. Clinton turned out 28.56 million Democrats – a 6.2% advantage. If that holds up in the general election, that could easily be the margin of victory.
— Finally, Trump’s cost-per delegate to the convention may never be surpassed. Clinton spent $146 thousand dollars per delegate. Sanders spent 254 thousand dollars per delegate, and Trump spent a mere 47 thousand dollars per delegate.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.