Still Report # 933 – German Anti Migrant Party Suffer Attacks

from Bill Still

lass=”” >It’s actually quite a similar situation to the situation here in the U.S. for those trying to support Donald Trump. According to the prestigious German newspaper, “Die Welt” (the World), members of the rapidly growing German political party, the Alternative for Germany – or AfD were blocked from attending their party’s conference earlier this year by leftist radicals.
In addition, the party has reported over 800 cases of attacks, including assaults, vandalism, death threats, property damage to homes and party offices and arson of personal vehicles.
At the party conference, left-wing extremists fought with police, leading to hundreds of arrests. The AfD is not considered extremist and therefore do not even warrant any government surveillance.
In the latest revelation, however, at least one of the leftist groups calling on their members to homes “visit” the homes of AfD members, may be getting government money.
The group, called “Welcome Network Pankow Helps” is getting extensive government funding from the German Federal Family Ministry because they advertise on their website that they help migrants find housing in Berlin.
It was on this website that a call went out to block traffic to the dental office of one AfD spokesman. The call to action brought out 60 black bloc anarchists.
The black bloc group appears at protests wearing all-black clothing, sunglasses, ski masks, scarves and/or motorcycle helmets to make them difficult to prosecute. The tactic allows the group to appear as one large unified mass and promotes solidarity. The picture is from a group of black bloc protesters in Washington, D.C. in front of the World Bank.
So the protest tactics are being tested in Germany, than brought over here to keep the leftist agenda moving along.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.