Still Report #930 – Proof – Paid Violence at Trump Rally

from Bill Still

lass=”” >It’s nothing new. We’ve seen these ads since at least the days before the Arizona primary in mid-March. The question is when will something be done about it?
Ads continue on Craig’s list offering to pay anyone who wants to disrupt Trump rallies across the nation. Here is one that was aimed at gathering protesters for last week’s San Jose, California Trump rally.
“To Whom It May Concern:
We will pay $15.00 an hour plus travel (including room and board), clothing, flags, signs, etc. for individuals willing to disrupt Trump rallies throughout the US. If interested please leave your name and a contact number. Thank you”
Notice that the map shows the “Castro District”. This from Wikipedia:
“The Castro was one of the first gay neighborhoods in the United States.”
It adjoins Haight-Ashbury, which during the 1960s was ground zero for the birth of the hippy counterculture movement.
This would not be hard to infiltrate. My understanding of the law is that charges of inciting to riot require a specific time and place. Certainly this would qualify.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.