Still Report #916 – U.S. Big Banks Donate to Keep Britain in EU

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Richard Tice, is one of a group of top British financiers who is backing the Brexit vote on June 23rd for Britain to get out of the European Union all together.
Tice helped lead the campaign to stop Britain from joining the Euro currency back in the 1990s.
He says in this morning’s edition of the Fiscal Times that he and his friends in the financial services industry back then were right:
“Let’s give due weight to those who said we shouldn’t join the euro in the first place, we were right then and we are right now.” said Tice.
Tice sees the same fear mongering tactics being recycled by the globalists in and out of the U.K. government today to try to prevent the British from leaving the European Union on June 23rd.
According to the June 1 edition of the British magazine, “The Week”, British Prime Minister David Cameron has made a fool of himself preaching Brexit doom and gloom:
“Cameron promises that, if Britain strikes out on its own again, unchaining themselves from a continent misgoverned by Angela Merkel and the European Central Bank, and lately teeming with ascendant euro-skeptic nationalists,
“Britain’s home values will decrease by about 20 percent, the economy will crater, and maybe the only thing that will relieve Britons of their helpless misery and depression is early death in a war.
“No, seriously, David Cameron said that if his campaign fails, the U.K. could risk a war. With whom? He doesn’t say.”
One of Tice’s colleagues on the 1,000-member “Business for Sterling” group – first launched in 1998 to stop persistent efforts to adopt the Euro – was Roger Bootle, founder of Capital Economics.
“I remember well all the people who said if we were not in the euro that would be it,” Bootle told Reuters for this morning’s “Fiscal Times” piece.
However, keeping the British Pound as the nation’s sovereign money actually grew the nation’s financial district, called the City of London Corporation.
“Actually, what happened was it strengthened the City. It killed all the minor financial centers: Amsterdam, Vienna, Milan… “
“Not only were they wrong, they were spectacularly wrong on the biggest macro-economic decision that we faced since the Second World War.” Bootle said.
“The track record of these people is really important. It is really woeful.”
And who are these “people” – the ones who just seem to always be there pushing, pushing against Brexit, pushing for the EU, pushing for the Euro?
According to this morning’s Reuters piece on Richard Tice, the country’s main business lobby group as well as “international companies” who want the Brits to not only stay inside the EU, but even abandon their sovereign money, the British Pound.
“Wall Street banks Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi and JPMorgan have donated six-figure sums to the campaign for the country to stay in the EU ….”
Interestingly, these are the same folks who push for all the big consolidation of power schemes, the big trade deals, erasing borders and national identities wherever they can.
In the last year, Donald Trump has spoken out repeatedly in support of the Brexit. On May 5, he said on Fox News:
“I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe. A lot of that was pushed by the EU. … I know Great Britain very well. I would say that they’re better off without it.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.