Still Report #914 – Clinton May Not Be the Nominee

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Just 6 days before the last set of presidential primary elections, a serious professional is seriously suggesting in the Wall Street Journal that Hillary Clinton may not win the Democrat nomination for President.
Doug Schoen, Bill Clinton’s pollster from 1994 to 2000, said in the Wall Street Journal late yesterday that:
“it is easier now than ever to imagine a scenario in which Hillary Clinton — whether by dint of legal or political circumstances — is not the Democratic presidential nominee.”
Here is the scenario Schoen lays out in the WSJ. Even though Clinton leads Sanders by 2%, Sanders typically underperforms in polling and over-performs in voting in primaries and caucuses due to last minute registration of new voters and young voters.
If Saunders beats Clinton in California it would be difficult to imagine that would not shake up the confidence of the Democrats super-delegates which currently support Clinton by a 543 to 44 margin.
Schoen believes that Sanders will propose a rule change that will force the super-delegates to vote for the candidate who won their state’s primary or caucus.
Even the debate over such a rule change would be political dynamite for the Democrats. According to Schoen, now:
“A vote on that proposed change would almost certainly occur —and it would function as a referendum on the Clinton candidacy.”
This rule change alone, would sweep Sanders into the nomination.
Many Democrats are already grumbling about Clinton’s vulnerability to criminal indictment. And their alternative is – Joe Biden. According to Schoen:
“Mr. Biden would be cast as the white knight rescuing the party, and the nation, from a possible Trump presidency.”
“To win over Sanders supporters, he would likely choose as his running mate someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren who is respected by the party’s left wing.”
Very interesting for sure. And what’s equally interesting about it is there is no mention of giving the nomination to the obvious winner – Bernie Sanders.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.