State Dept. Promises to Release Clinton Emails on Day That Literally Doesn’t Exist

by Rachel Stockman
Law Newz

It’s a running joke among journalists that if you file a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request for information from the feds, you might be dead before you get your records back. My fastest return was about 13 months from the Transportation Security Administration. I’m still waiting for some records from a request I filed in 2014 with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the ebola outbreak. But a recent FOIA request by the International Business Times might win in terms of demonstrating the absolute morass of the FOIA process. David Sirota, senior editor for investigations, filed a request for Clinton’s State Department correspondence regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He made the request back in July 2015. At first, he got a response that the Clinton emails would be ready April 2016. That’s not bad — less than a year.

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