Spain’s 2016 Election: Is There Any Hope for Liberty?

by Enrique Clari

On the 26th of June, voters here in Spain will face the ballot box for the second time in half a year. The results of the previous elections were seen by the pundits as a watershed in recent Spanish history, since the hegemonic two-party system that had dominated the Parliament for almost forty years had finally been upended: the conservatives (Partido Popular, or PP) won again by a rather small margin, however the distance between the social-democrats (Spanish Socialists Workers’ Party or PSOE) and the new leftists (Podemos) was even smaller. The “newcomers” (the Ciudadanos Party) lagged considerably behind.

Since the last election — in December 2015 — our political elites have been unable to put together a functioning executive government (the equivalent of an American “administration”), thus driving us to a new ballot.

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