Silver Supply Shortage Looms – Tech Company Wants to Buy Physical Directly from Silver Miner

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00:05 Introduction to Keith Neumeyer & Current Gold/Silver/Mining Sector
02:15 So Many People & Big Names Buying Keith’s Companies
03:50 This Current Bull Market Vs Past Cycles
04:20 First Mining Finance Founding
06:00 We’ve Definitely Seen the Bottom in Gold/Silver/Mining
06:30 This is the First Correction for the Bull Market
09:45 Silver Market Price is about to Kickoff
11:00 First Mining Finance 2015 VS 2016 in Acquisitions & Partnerships
14:00 What Pushes Gold/Silver/Mining Higher; Why QE Was Deflationary?
16:50 Silver Demand is at Records Today Despite Lower Price than 2011
18:10 If Gold Hits $10,000 Silver Would be About $1,000
19:40 Electronics Manufacturing Company asking to Bid on First Majestic’s Silver
20:20 Could Silver be Worth More than Gold Someday?
21:00 Gold:Silver price ratio sould be 10:1
21:35 First Majestic Silver Up 380% in 2016, First Mining Finance Up 130%

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