Serenity Now

by Chuck Butler
Daily Pfennig

Good Day… And a Happy Friday to one and all! Whew! What a week! I’ve been down and out, and up and going all in one week! Redbone greets me this morning with their 70’s song: Come and Get Your Love.. It’s your business, if you want some, take some, Get it together baby! Have you ever seen the movie: Guardians of the Galaxy? The music in that movie is all on my iPod, I can tell you, because it’s from the 70’s (before disco)! It’s going to be a hot one this weekend, like 7 inches from the midday sun… The Bilderberg meeting started yesterday… I’ve talked about this many times in the past, and I really thought that my friend, Dave Gonigam who writes the 5 Minute Forecast said it best yesterday, when talking about the Bilderberg meeting.. “We think it’s a fine day to invoke the serenity prayer:

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