Self-Immolation of a Nation

by Karl Denninger

By now if you’re reading this over in Britain you’re either waking up and about to vote, or have voted.

Britain is about to make a historic decision and, I suspect, a historic mistake.

It is about to lose what is left of its identity — which, at this point, isn’t much, to be honest.

London already has a Muslim mayor. It also already has Musloids that are not held to the same standards of civil behavior that everyone else has applied to them, just as we do here and all of Europe is suffering under as well. Remember New Years? Hundreds of women being groped and worse, all by Muslims that claimed “they couldn’t help it” because said women were dressed “provocatively”? By the way, “provocative” means not wearing a hajib. How many were prosecuted? I believe the count was zero……

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