Only Gold & Silver will Rise in this Chaotic Market after BREXIT – Rick Rule Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends

lass=”” >The Ultimate Insiders’ Gold Play Revealed for 2016:

Rick, President of Sprott USA & multi-decade resource sector investment expert updates us on the resource market after the UK voted to leave the Eurozone. Volatility is going to run rampant he proclaims.

00:50 Sprott Conference in Vancouver July 26-29 with Big Names
02:50 Breathtaking Volatility that BREXIT will bring to world monetary system
04:55 Rick’s Insight in this Bull Market: Spectacular Upside this time
06:15 General resources may continue to do poorly while gold/silver soar
07:25 US Economy vs Japan and Federal Reserve rates
08:50 Dollar vs Euro: Will EuroZone breakup becauase of BREXIT?
10:20 Socialism: is California failing?