NY Times: Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud Actually ‘Smoke from Raging Firestorm’

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

President Obama plans to visit a memorial in Hiroshima, Japan, that displays a large photograph of the city’s destruction seven decades ago. The striking image is typically identified as a mushroom cloud. But nuclear experts say it actually shows billowing smoke from a raging firestorm. – NY Times

We missed this report from the New York Times last month pointing out that the photograph of the atomic bomb’s mushroom cloud at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum “stretching from floor to ceiling” is actually a photo of the Hiroshima firestorm.


“This is not a mushroom cloud,” said Richard L. Garwin, a noted bomb designer and longtime adviser to Washington on nuclear arms … Military experts say the cloud and its dark shadow can be seen as a kind of sundial that suggests when an American plane took the photograph. John Coster-Mullen, an expert on the Hiroshima bomb, put the time as just before noon.”

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