Norway Set To Ban Fossil Fuel Cars In 2025

by Michael McDonald
Oil Price

Tiny oil rich Norway might be the last country one would expect to give a huge boost to Tesla, yet it appears that the wealthy Nordic nation is poised to make a dramatic change that could be the start of a trend. Norwegian legislators are reportedly preparing to ban or at a minimum significantly reduce the allowable sales of cars and trucks that run on fossil fuels by 2025 – less than a decade from now. That policy, while designed to help combat climate change and usher in a future of emissions free vehicles, is a huge boost to the company most closely associated with those vehicles today – Tesla.

Elon Musk tweeted out a copy of a newspaper headline from Norway which broke the news. Norway didn’t set out to help any particular company, but it’s clear that the policy does help companies like Tesla at the expense of the old guard. Moreover, where Norway leads, other wealthy European nations, like Switzerland, Ireland, and Denmark, may follow.

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