Nearly 100,000 Left Without Insurance In Colorado Due To Obamacare

from Zero Hedge

We have covered the complete disaster that is Obamacare in great detail recently, from premiums skyrocketing in 2017, to the largest US Health Insurer throwing in the towel on Obamacare exchanges, and even Insurance companies suing the government over subsidies the government promised if the firms lost money as a result of being in the exchange.

And now for the most recent Obamacare debacle we look to Colorado, where more than 92,000 people will be losing their Obamacare health care coverage in 2017. Four large health insurers – UnitedHealthCare, Humana Insurance, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – will either not be offering individual plans or reducing offerings in 2017, leaving individuals scrambling to find another plan.

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