Kevin Duffy: Historically Unprecedented Global Bond Bubble Still Growing

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lass=”” >Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St welcomed first time guest, hedge fund manager Kevin Duffy of Bearing Asset Management. Kevin runs his hedge fund with Bill Laggner and they use the Austrian School of Economics at their hedge fund for different insights in markets and the global economy.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks Kevin about:

• How did you find the Austrian School of Economics and what advantages do you think it provides for looking at markets?

• What investors do you pay attention to and how would you describe your investing methodology?

• Your hedge fund that you run with Bill Laggner didn’t do well at all from 2013-2015. What lessons did you learn from your mistakes and, in hindsight, why do you think markets acted differently than you expected?

• Why do you think the stock market hasn’t crashed yet?

• What’s your view on the global economy? Do you think a strong US Dollar can potentially collapse the global economy if the Dollar had continued to strengthen?

Kevin answers these questions and also gives our listeners some industries to research for investment during the interview.

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