Journalist Threatened with Violence by Police for Reporting on Bilderberg

from WeAreChange

lass=”” >This is breaking news of German police going above the law and threatening physical violence and arrest of journalist Luke Rudkowski if he steps near the bilderberg hotel in Dresden Germany. The police officer made it clear to Luke Rudkowski by saying “things will get really bad for you” “we will use physical violence on you.” Journalist Luke Rudkowski was also told if he goes near the bilderberg hotel he will be arrested on the spot, because of a security zone. When Luke asked where is the security zone the officers remarked and laughed saying “we don’t know, we just better not see your face here again or else.” Remember Luke Rudkowski is a journalist that works for the people because of donations, invest in us so we can hire a legal team and take on these globalists who are afraid of the video camera and actual journalism

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