Jobs Go Off The Cliff As Suicides and Violence Piles Up

… there are a number of economic, social and political factors that have brought us here, toward a cycle of violence that seems unlikely to stop no matter what way America votes in November.

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

This wasn’t supposed to be what this column is about. I was supposed to be writing about the crisis of irreproducible results in science and the dangers of scientism and technocracy. But then I checked my Twitter timeline.

[…] “US created 38,000 jobs in May vs. 162,000 expected. #JobsReport.” “’Deaths of despair’ drag life expectancy lower for whites.” “Protesters attack Trump supporters; police keep distance.”

These aren’t ginned up stories from fringe sites looking to stir the pot and start the next race war. This is mainstream reporting from the bland, milquetoast MSM. So how did we get here? Let’s break it down:

The “everything is awesome!” economy is, as readers of this column already know, a transparent sham. It’s a paper boat on a wild water rapid kept afloat on leftover hope-ium from 2008. It’s a junkie licking the bottom of the spiked punch bowl the next morning looking for his next fix. It’s a…well, you get the idea.

Proof #3289 of this fact came in the form of yesterday’s Employment Situation Report.

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