Information To Free You From The Man – Jeff Berwick on the Dwight Lilly Show

from TheDollarVigilante

lass=”” >Jeff Berwick continues to preach the gospel worldwide, this time in the USSA, the land of the “free”, with Dwight Lilly. Topics include: The entire system is a scam against humanity designed to impoverish everyone, central banking is communist, tax and debt slavery, the peaceful philosophy of anarcho-capitalism, plotting to leave everyone alone, the morality of capitalism, the black market is the free market, taxation is extortion, the system of indoctrination, the Shemitah and seven year market cycles, biblical scale market crashes, preparing yourself and family for economic collapse, government created bubbles, rampant money printing, negative interest rates, the decline of the US dollar, the importance of gold, Venezuela and socialism, the movie ‘Brexit’, the intrinsic value of fiat currency, getting your gold out of the US, this is a dangerous time for human capital, the permanent traveller tax free lifestyle.…

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