Fifteen Years Later, Mainstream Analysis Begins to Adopt Our Meme Approach

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

What is memetic warfare and how it threats democratic values? … One of the contributors of Defense Strategic Communications journal issued by NATO Stratcom COE, Jeff Giesea defines memetic warfare as “competition over narrative, ideas, and social control in a social-media battlefield. One might think of it as a subset of ‘information operations’ tailored to social media. Information operations involve the collection and dissemination of information to establish a competitive advantage over an opponent”. – European Endowment for Democracy

This is a terrific article that tells us how propaganda has evolved in the Internet era.

We are especially pleased with the article because it features “memes” – a concept that The Daily Bell helped pioneer some 15 years ago.

Our idea then, as now, was that elite powers created specific “themes” that were then inserted into society via the controlled mainstream media.

This process was exceptionally successful in the 20th century when elite control of the media was at its zenith.

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