EU Referendum – Britain’s Immigration / Migrant Crisis Explained

by Nadeem Walayat
Market Oracle

One of the primary drivers for triggering the EU Referendum was immigration and more specifically EU immigration that many deem to be out of control as membership of the European Union means free movement of workers which prevents the UK from controlling its borders now for over a decade as the UK is buffeted by waves of ever escalating migrant flows from Europe each year. All adding to those that came before with total immigration from the EU since 2000 now having passed the 5 million mark. All whilst both Labour and then Conservative government promises to be bring immigration under control have amounted to nothing as the government has no control over EU migration, which thus continues on an accelerating trend trajectory. Therefore voting to REMAIN within the EU ensures EU migration will continue to increase putting added pressure each year on housing, jobs and social services such as schools, NHS and the benefits system, virtually all of which are already at critical levels.

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